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How to Transfer Podcasts from iTunes to iPad

Podcasts or RSS in simple term are episodes that are delivered by podcasts author over the web in the form of an XML file which people generally know as RSS feeds. These programs can be in the form of video, documents, audio or a can contain all the three of these in a single episode. In order to get such episodes to your iOS devices, a user needs to subscribe to the RSS. This can be done using iTunes. Once subscribed, every time iTunes find a new episode over the web, it starts downloading it.

A user can simply watch these episodes on his/her iPad, iPad 2 easily by syncing iTunes with iPad. This has two advantages, one a user can watch the podcasts on iPad, at the same time one is also making a copy of the podcasts. The process of transferring podcasts from iTunes to iPad is very simple.

  • First sync your device to iTunes in PC or mac
  • In the iTunes interface, select your iPad
  • Now under the library section, choose Podcasts
  • Choose all the podcasts in the main window, you wish to transfer.


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However, this sometimes create an issue. Many iPad users have complaints that they are not able to transfer podcasts from iTunes to iPad. While other times, there are issues that the synced podcasts episodes can't be played in iPad and shows such error as well:

'Some of the videos in your iTunes Library, were not copied to the iPad... because they cannot be played'

What is the cause?

Sometimes the problem is of unsupported format; if your podcast are playing just fine in your PC, may be that format is not supported by your iPad. This problem can be easily solved by converting that particular episode to iPad format and then transfer from iTunes. But at other times, the issue can be a bit more than what it seems to eyes. Although, iTunes is a perfect tool to transfer anything to iPad or other devices but it has some limitations as well. Such as syncing issues, slow transfer process, iTunes freezing in between etc. That is another issue due to which one is not able to get podcasts from iTunes to iPad.

How to Transfer Podcasts from iTunes to iPad then?

If you are having problems with the podcasts transfer process, better option is to download it directly to your iPad through iTunes instead of transferring it from iTunes on a PC or mac. Alternatively, you can also make use of third party iPad backup software. Designed with sophisticated algorithms, the tool can easily transfer podcasts from iTunes to iPad and vice versa without any sync problems. The tool works excellently with both PC and Mac operating system.

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